Tricks to negotiate smoothly in 2022

Basic tricks to negotiate smoothly

Negotiation skill is all about getting a “Yes” as your problem solver. In 2022, you need tricks to negotiate smoothly. This article is just about getting you that treat.

Where would you require negotiation skills?

Most people think negotiation skills are only for business enthusiasts and corporate people. Truth be told, negotiation skills are what keep our economy up and running. 

Sealing deals skills takes care of your silly businesses too. Here’s where you expect tricks to negotiate smoothly.


As I said before personal issues are resolved smoothly through negotiating. Allow me to express, say, your spouse wants to go out for dinner with you on Saturday but you have a crunch hour on Saturday. What would you do? You negotiate nicely with your wife.

Your kids are overspending on clothes. What would you do? You negotiate strictly. You want to save 12% of your income for your kid’s tuition fee but your wife thinks it needs to be 15%. Then yes, you negotiate calmly.

There are at least 1000 excuses to negotiate for your healthy life. But the fact is, these dealings must be healthy and mutual. Otherwise, it would turn into an aggressive atmosphere. That being said, you must learn the tricks to negotiate smoothly.


I think this negotiation might be just the most important and underrated one. Getting yourself to decide what’s best for you is what I say, healthy dealing with your mind. Otherwise, those negotiations of skipping a work day are what we are inherently best at.

I don’t mind giving scenarios like, your friend is upset about his recent breakup and you have to negotiate with him whether or not it’s the ideal time to talk with him or say, you are overspending on something and you need to negotiate with yourself to stop that. 

All these types of negotiations would keep you up for your healthy business. That’s why you need to master negotiation skills otherwise your voices in the head would eat your progress.


Work or business is all about negotiation and we know that. If your job is client service oriented then all your job is about negotiation. Negotiating your client to pay more for your services or you negotiate to offer less service at more cost.

While recruiting, negotiating with candidates seems to be the most important part of the evaluation. Whoever is the master of negotiation skills, you are off to scoring every interview and meeting you would attend, no questions asked.

 Also, negotiating with your boss without offending him/her seems like a dream come true. That being said,  negotiation skills will give you a sharp edge in your long-term career and your communication skills.

Tricks to negotiate smoothly

In all of those conversations I have had, I only realized negotiation is a win-win situation. That being said, you also need to look unselfish in this process. 

You have to put their priority first and explain to them why it is good for them and persuade their interest by progressing your interest side by side. Without further ado, let’s get down to the business of learning that.

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TALK LIKE NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBORS is one of the tricks to negotiate smoothly

What I meant is, drop that corporate accent and be their friend. You wouldn’t want something bad for your friend, right? Make them feel that. Communicate with them about their problems, kids and life struggles.

Communicating would benefit you with some personal information to negotiate through. Matter of fact, if you know exactly what is the crisis in your client or friend, you can channel your SEAL-THE-DEAL conversation right in that direction.

From my experience, if you open up about yourself in front of your client, they feel comfortable opening up with you. That settles the ‘getting personal information’ session for you. To get hold of your negotiating wheel, always make sure to communicate first.

Bottom lines

  • Never miss the chance of communicating before negotiating
  • Communication can benefit you with personal information
  • Personal information is very important for problem-solving through negotiation

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As I already mentioned, negotiating is being selfish without being spotted. Sounds hypocritical but that’s about the world. Huh? To rock the win-win ground you have to smell like collaboration. If you get caught up being selfish, you have already blown it.

However, there is a twist. Lots of people take this too far. What I meant is, if you are just explaining to clients the solutions to their problems then it sounds too good to be true right? I mean you are not a charity of course. Explain your problems too and discuss what can be the mutual grounds.

What you need to do is hold the tug of war. Not win it, not lose it. Hold the middle ground. Communicate, then talk about their problems, and then try to discuss the solutions by mentioning your problems. Finally, mitigate the both-ways problem by serving the mutual interest.

Bottom Lines

  • Negotiating is being selfish without looking like one
  • Serve the mutual interest for a good negotiation
  • Don’t explain their problems only, discuss yours too, sounds more credible right?



Why is that in the negotiation skills? Allow me to draw a scenario, suppose you have met this client who has a series of problems and a series of solutions to get into. 

He/she can’t decide for themselves which works best for them. It’s obviously in your best interest, you help them decide the best decision which serves your interest too. Explain to them further why it’s a big deal. It’s not only good for your client but also good for your professionalism. 

If you can just tell them about what they would want in future it is also a plus point as the future is what we are worried about.

If your hands are on the wheels of decision-making for clients, trust me don’t spoil it. All you need to do is go home and research a bit about your client’s problems and best solution and come tomorrow to explain why and how the picked solution is best.

Bottom Lines

  • Making the decision for your client shows your worth
  • Explain what is the best solution for them and your job is 70% done
  • Make the best decision for your client and explain to them, you would look like a professional negotiator.



When you negotiate, you don’t speak for clients before even hearing themselves. You must listen to the other side too. If you just wear their perspective suit and respond on their behalf it wouldn’t look good on your professionalism. Make them spit out what they want, then respond.

Also, people love when someone is 100% attentive to their talking or conversation or rantings. When your client is explaining his/her problems, you must sit tight and listen as attentively as possible. They would find a comfort zone around you if you are a good listener.

Suffice it to say, you can seal the deal without much negotiation and without crossing each other’s interests. So I must say, listening does very good magic on negotiation progress.

Bottom Lines

  • Listen to your clients, don’t speak for themselves first
  • If you explain their need at the first go, you would sound sketchy
  • When clients are expressing themselves be attentive as seriously as possible
  • People like to be heard, so listening is a part of the negotiation



One of the basic tricks to negotiating smoothly is to play it with confidence. If you are not even ahead of your negotiation grip, don’t feel nervous or desperate to solve the problem. Don’t push yourself. Believe me, that will be visibly embarrassing without you knowing it.

Instead, take a step back and breathe in then calm your mind. It’s not the end of the world. Act like you are okay with that inconvenience. Oftentimes, clients want to discover the lengths of your patience bar. If that’s the case, Who knows, you may be winning.

Also, confidence along with some body language makes you look like a professional. Never stray away from your professionalism. It’s a big practice when you are communicating with clients, speaking for your company with confidence and all. Make it look like you are a happy employee too.

Bottom Lines

  • Communicate with confidence while negotiating, and puts professionalism in your appearance
  • Don’t feel devastated or desperate if you are losing the negotiation, keep your confidence up
  • Clients might test your patience, you must deal with it with confidence

Final Thought Tricks to negotiate smoothly

Finally, keep up with those basic tricks to negotiate smoothly. You will be in for treats.