Tips to maximize workout results in no time

Tips to maximize workout results

If you are into fitness, you might be craving for tips to maximize workout results and get bulked up in no time. To be honest, it’s not that hard. You just need some disciplines and tips to follow for starters. In this article, I would give you a tour of these tips and disciplines

Before stepping on tips to maximize workout results

It is not just about maximizing the workout results that should concern you. You are working out to be fit not to harm your body and mental health. Therefore, some prerequisites one should follow while maintaining workout routines.

Water your body

No telling, H20 consists of 70% of your body. However, You might get forgetful while working out to drink water. 

You can set a timer or reminder in that case. You need plenty of fluid during a workout as they evaporate with your sweats.

If you are not hydrated enough during a workout, you are just harming your muscles, reflexes and even your mental health.

Sleep sound

You need a good 7 hours of sleep a day, otherwise, a workout won’t have you in good shape. It’s simple science, you need to recharge your phone every day to use it the next day, 

simple analogy. Sleep recovers your muscle and recharges you for the next day.

So get a healthy man’s sleep before hitting the gym.

Snack sometimes

You are working out doesn’t mean you must starve day long. That negatively affects your brain and you might pass out during workouts if you are too starved. 

The easy-going, don’t feel like filling your stomach, don’t feel like killing it either

You might use some light snacks before or after a workout if you feel like eating some.

Bring your gears

What I meant is, bring the right outfits for the workout. You don’t wanna feel embarrassed and uncomfortable while doing the workout, believe me, that’s the last thing you wanna feel. 

Bring the shorts, sports bra, joggers and sneakers made for workouts.

Ensuring your flexibility and mobility during the workout is one way to get addicted to it.

Warm Up

Warming up before getting into the workout business is an absolute yes yes. Here why? It basically prepares your body for mobility and stretching. 

It also raises your body temperature which signals your brain for arriving movements.

You might just hurt your reflex or limbs by avoiding warm-up before a workout even if it’s just 20 minutes long.

Tips to maximize workout results
Tips to maximize workout results

Improve your workout results

Don’t settle for a 50% workout result from now onward. Here are some tips to inject into your workout routines.

Fat meals diet

I am not telling you to give up all fat meals but here’s a hack. If you can skip a fat meal up to 4 hours before working out, that’s one added benefit in your bucket. Why? 

because research proved that fat meal dulls nitrogen oxide to dilate blood vessels for 4 hours and that goes for less blood flow to your muscles and not getting expected muscle growth.

Bottom lines

  • Consume maintained fat meal
  • Don’t consume fat meals up to 4 hours before the workout
  • drink enough water after eating a meal

Caffeine instead of coffee

According to researchers, taking 240gm-340gm before a workout buys your body more fat-burning benefits and dulls your muscle pain, increasing stamina. 

Another study suggests that caffeine from supplements works better than caffeine from coffee. Even though some guides suggest taking coffee but I think the supplement is better

Bottom lines

  • Take caffeine supplements before working out
  • caffeine supplements increase stamina and endurance
  • caffeine supplements are better than caffeine from coffee

Music for reps

We know that already, our favourite ignites our inner spirit. We get an adrenaline rush hit then. Using this benefit in working out has proved to be a big yes. 

Using music while working out scores 1 to 2 reps extra according to research. Obviously no doubters. Here’s another interesting fact. Music also heals your muscles after a workout too.

 It gives serotonin and dopamine levels an uplift which is for our muscle and heart recovery. In this case, relaxing music is effective.

Bottom lines

  • Music boosts stamina during a workout
  • Music also heals muscles after a workout
  • Relaxing music after a workout

Adjust cardio schedule

Cardio before doing weight workouts is not effective for either of these two exercises. Research conducted in Japan claims, subjects who did the lifting first and then did cardio had a comparative advantage in GH response of 1000% which is so huge. So from now on, cardio should be on a different day or after lifting.

Bottom lines

  • Cardio before lifting is not effective for either of these exercises
  • Cardio after lifting has a big percentage comparative advantage
  • Cardio should be scheduled after lifting or on a different day

Range rep speeds

Some think fast reps are effective while others think otherwise. Fascinating fact is, the answer is on the fence. This means the mixture of both is about the game. 

Fast reps are claimed to offer more strength and slow reps are claimed to offer more muscle mass. 

Therefore, slow and fast reps should be in a cycle of fast reps for two weeks followed by slow reps for the next two weeks.

Bottom lines

  • Slow reps increase body mass
  • fast reps increase strength
  • A mixture of both category reps ensures the positive effect

Last sets’ hack

On the last sets’ call try to push some more limits and you find you’re doing some extra 2-3 reps and that’s what Finnish research found out. 

If you even fail to do it, just call it off then again do 2 extra reps but make sure you are not stressing yourself much over it.

Bottom lines

  • Do extra reps on the last sets
  • Don’t overtrain those extra reps
  • Upon failure, resume another 2-3reps

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After Workout…

There are also some things to consider after you finish working out and their importance both for health and muscle gain.

  • You don’t just storm off a gym after you finish working out. You needed to warm up before your workout, now you need to cool down after it. Use static stretches and make it last 15 seconds for each stretch.
  • Do foam rolling after a workout, it recovers your muscle very fast and increases your range of motion. It also increases the flow of blood which can recover your tissue more quickly.
  • Give your body some food after a workout. After all, your body craves carbohydrates and protein. So give some nutrition to your body, feed yourself. Keep some snacks in your bag for pa ost-workout treat
  • Track your workout routines and note them. It will help motivate you to go some extra length every day if not week.
  • Another way to cool down your body is to take a cool shower. Researchers proved that showers contribute to recovery but it helps you feel relieved and better psychologically. In other words, You can go straight to work after the gym without feeling stress

Wrap up for Tips to maximize workout results

To wrap up, You must not only focus on workouts if we are talking about health business here. We must maintain other disciplines, actions and habits. I hope these tips to maximize workout results would be helpful