5 strange tales of Bermuda Triangle

strange tales of Bermuda Triangle

We will discuss strange tales of Bermuda Triangle here.

It’s downright strange that no one ever came back who made it to the Bermuda Triangle. Not even remains were found. There’s no telling, there are numerous terrifying strange tales of the Bermuda triangle that are still unexplained to this day.

Strange tales of Bermuda Triangle that don’t make sense

Scientists have been scratching their heads over the Bermuda triangle for quite some time now. It’s still undecided why there is a pattern of disappearance around that place

Even planes and submarines are no excuse in Bermuda territory. Some of these mishaps are backed up by solid proof. Whereas, others are just publicity stunts. Here I am sharing 5 of the strange tales surrounding the Bermuda triangle territory.

Ellen Austin and the Ghost Ship

This event is quite famous to filmmakers for its good mystery. Ellen Austin, as an American schooner, used to travel from New York to London back and forth. On his way, he had to cross the Bermuda triangle.

On this particular day, he found a ship on Bermuda territory which seemed to be empty. They boarded that ship, and to their surprise, they saw that everything was at their place except the people in it. Captain Austin some of the men to sail alongside once they set sail for New York.

When Ellen Austin reunited with the other ship, his men were missing. As strange as it gets with each version of this story. However, it is one of the true tales which was mimicked in a lot of versions for a better telling.

strange tales of Bermuda Triangle
strange tales of Bermuda Triangle

The story of the USS Cyclops

During world war 1, this beastly ship set sail to Brazil in late February 1918 only to never be seen again. Search teams were sent to Salvage the remains to come back with no results. 

After being questioned by the families of 306 crew members, the US government doubled the search operation. With absolute zero results, the US government sincerely rested this case saying, there were no SOS calls, no wreckages and no remains of the ships. 

The government declared the crews to be dead. What’s more, two other collar ships named USS Proteus and USS Nereus encountered the same fate in the years of 1941.

The disappearance of flight 19

This tale is particularly famous because it is about the disappearance of five of the best Avengers flights out in thin air. One of the plane’s commanders lieutenant Charles Taylor was in touch with the base except his signal broke down suddenly in a middle sentence.

Surprisingly there was no static or lost signal, just straight breakage in the link. Since then, those five aircraft disappeared, not to be heard from again. 

Hilariously the rescue force disappeared in the same pattern. After years of thoughts and theories drawing, this case rested as a mysterious tale.

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Story of witchcraft

A cabin cruiser named witchcraft left Miami on years of 1967 with her captain Dan Burack and his friend to enjoy Miami’s wonderful Christmas lights. 

However, after they reached one mile offshore, the coast guard received a call from the captain stating that their cruiser hit something and they needed help. The coast guard arrived at that place as soon as possible only to find that location deserted.

What’s more intriguing is that the cruiser that Dan Burack took for vacation was virtually unsinkable because the cruiser had numerous life-saving devices namely, life jackets, lifeboats and flares. None of them was used and there were two days long search operations with null results.

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Carroll A. Deering

This tale is one of the most written-about maritime mysteries of the 21st century. Carroll A. Deering was found near the rocks of Hatteras Diamond Shoals, North Carolina.

When the investigation team reached the vessel and investigated it, they found something interesting. They found that the crew of that ship was missing along with their belongings, logbooks and life rafts.

Mysteriously, during the same period, some other vessels went missing which tells much about the waters of Bermuda triangle territory. Some theories also conclude this case by saying “Pirates’ doing”.

Final Review of strange tales of Bermuda Triangle

Finally, it is no wonder these strange tales of Bermuda Triangle only make us want to explore this mysterious location.