8 A-list actors that did their stunts in movies

actors that did their stunts

When you see some incredible action scene in the movie, your guess is on CGI or stunt doubles. Sometimes that’s not just the case because surprisingly, some actors just pull off their stunts, whether some adrenaline rush or to add authenticity to their character, you call it but I am gonna give you these 8 A-list actors that did their stunts in movies.

A-list actors that did their stunts

Christian Bale

This guy takes his acting career to another level. In one movie you might see him skinnier than hell and in the next, he’s double his size. It’s not just his body mass and figure he controls to dive into the perfection of the performance.

He also likes to take control of his movie stunts. Take an example from the dark knight trilogy. It’s thrilling to know that it was bale under that batman costume this whole time. Also, his transformation really inspired him to do 16 stunts alone except for some car chasing stunts. Hail Bale for his dedication.

actors that did their stunts
actors that did their stunts

Jackie Chan

No kidding, Jackie Chan may be just the guy one step ahead of even stunt guys. It’s no wonder all the movies Jackie Chan starred in did all his stunts. 

Not only does he do all of his students, but he also designs them. Here are some examples of his lengths: Chan jumped off a balcony from a shopping centre (Police Story), and Chan climbed a clock tower(Project A).

No telling, he injured himself quite sometimes. He even fractured his skull on an injury. But he never let these dangerous consequences restrict his courage for these legacies.

Keanu Reeves

If you watched the John Wick trilogy, you know what John Wick is capable of. It also reveals what Keanu Reeves is about because he did almost all of the stunts of that trilogy. He reveals that he did 90 per cent of the stunts himself

He also added that he likes to connect with audiences with his john wick character that’s why he didn’t let stuntmen walk past his chances. No wonder why John Wick got famous in no time.

Angelina Jolie

You can’t just picture Angelina Jolie without some crazy action scenes. It is true also, she does almost all of her stunts fearlessly. 

Word of Simon Crane, a stunt coordinator, “She’s absolutely fearless when it comes to high places. That’s a fantastic asset to have. You can use her confidence with height to put her in all kinds of dicey situations and know that she’s going to be convincing in pulling it off”

In the movie Salt, she jumped out of moving trucks and helicopters. She was supported by mere padding and a safety harness. Jolie hurt herself in that movie while bursting through a door. She accidentally hit her head on the corner of the desk.

Matt Damon

For the Jason Bourne character, Matt Damon really went a few extra miles with his stunts. His driving stunts and the underwater sequence would be mentionable.

To fit in his Jason Bourne character he trained in hand-to-hand combat, weapons, and boxing for straight 3 months which speaks for itself in those movies. However, he also revealed that he tries to avoid stunts that look very risky and lets stuntmen do them.

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Jason Statham

Statham needs no introduction. He’s basically a stuntman himself as the most daring stunt scores are on his list. Mentionable would be the transporter franchise, fast and furious franchise and crank.

He even called superhero actors embarrassing for using stuntmen because added that even his grandmother can be a superhero in a cape but what’s the point if the actors are not actively engaged in some stunts?

Daniel Creg

Daniel Creg rose to his fame by putting himself in dangerous stunts in the 007 franchise. He is so into bringing authenticity to the 007 characters that he shattered his teeth after being punched in the Casino Royale movie.

He carved his name as a favourite bond character as other bonds didn’t do stunts themselves. Even though he’s afraid of heights, he jumped out of a three-storey building onto the top of a moving bus. Only he had to jump before the bus was under him.

Tom Holland

As a child, Tom Holland would attend gym and dancing classes. So, stunts are some next-level thing for him. However, to be fitted as the spider-man character he did pretty much everything.

He revealed that he did all those stunts he could do. But it’s spider-man though. So if not you are wishing on his death warrant then stunt men would be liable alternatives.

He also added that whenever he felt uncomfortable and unsafe about doing a stunt, stunt doubles would instruct him and coach him through the process.

Final Say

So, that’s pretty much about the A-list actors that did their stunts in movies. I hope you liked it.