8 interesting predictions that came true in history

interesting predictions that came

People who foresee the future events taking place are special themselves. But what if their prediction later hits the jackpot? Here this article is about 8 interesting predictions that came true in history.

Interesting predictions that came true

Very mysteriously some of the bizarre accidents and events are predicted so early than their time. True yet, some predictions were so accurate that you might think it’s impossible. Here I will be breaking down 8 of these bizarre predictions.

Predictions 1: Covid-19

It’s 2022 and hopefully, we have grown some part of immunity for covid-19. However, the arrival of a similar virus was almost accurately predicted in a song published by Dj Creep in 2013. 

What’s more, the lyrics say, “2020 combined with coronavirus, body stacking”. Later in the song he raps,” Begin life in a lab in the first war of vaccines/Million die in the first week in the pandemic dreams”. 

Weirdly identical to our situation huh?  However, the rapper himself rests this case by saying it is dumb luck or perfect coincidence. Whatever may be argued, it was weirdly accurate. So we can be called the interesting predictions that came true.

Predictions 2: James Dean

In an interview with BBC, Guinness recalled a meeting with Dean, whom Dean encountered near a restaurant.. Dean recognized Guinness for being nominated for Oscar. However, during that conversation, Dean showed Guinness his Porsche.

Guinness recalled that something strange had taken him over and had him say, “ I must say something: Please do not get into that car, because if you get into the car at all, by 10 o’clock at night, next Thursday, you will be dead”

Just in the right order, it happened. At the exact time and day. It was as mysterious as it sounds even Guinness said in that interview, “I liked him very much, too. I would have loved to have known him more” 

Predictions 3: The Knowing

This thriller, the science-fiction movie was released in 2009. This movie is famous for accurate coincidental predictions of a later accident. In one scene of this movie, the protagonist, Nicholas Cage watches the news on the TV.

The news was about a horrible accident in an oil rig and the gulf of Mexico and guess what. Later in April 2010, the accident happened at the exact same place which was downright creepy and weird if you think about it.

This accident was the worst record in oil history which killed 11 people and the fact that a movie predicted the disaster gave it a creepy and mysterious vibe.

Predictions 4: Nostradamus

Nostradamus was an astrologer, full name Mikhel the Nostradamus. In 1555 he wrote a book about prophecies containing 942 pieces of writing. This poem notes downs were all about the future.

Surprisingly, these pieces of writing predicted JFK attacks, meteors hitting the earth, global warming, invasion of France and even pandemics.

Nostradamus’s last prediction was about his death and guess what? He got it right too. In 1556 when the priest said to him, “until tomorrow”. In response, he said, “you will not find me alive until sunrise”

Predictions 5: Mark Twain’s death

It’s not just Nostradamus that predicted his death, Mark Twain is on this list too. Mark Twain was born after Halley’s Comet which appeared in 1835. 

He told his biographer, “It(Halley’s comet) is coming next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be my greatest disappointment if I don’t go out with it.

It may sound like a joke but unfortunately, word to his claim, Twain died on April 21, 1910, just a day after Halley’s comet return. Even though it looks like God answered his prayer, it’s some form of prediction itself.

Predictions 6: Colin Kaepernick’s prediction

Colin Kaepernick was then a fourth-grade student doing an assignment. There was a question in that assignment asking them to predict what he would be doing in future. Guess what?

He wrote, “ I want to go to a good college, then go to the pros and play on the Niners or Packers even if they aren’t good in seven years”

In the 2010 NFL draft,  The San Francisco 49ers picked Kaepernick. Looking back, in his 11th year it must have been a crystal ball to his play of predicting his fortune otherwise it would be utterly eerie.

Predictions 7: The Titanic Disaster

In 1988, Morgan Robertson published a book named “Futility or the wreck of the Titan ” which predicted that an iceberg struck the ship and it sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. Too familiar right?

Yes, just before the Titanic sailed to sink, the disaster was predicted. The eerie fact is, the book predicted the exact place and circumstances of that disaster. 

What’s more, even the number of passengers and lifeboats was almost predicted just 14 years prior.

Predictions 8: President obemi

It is strictly odd that someone would predict an African-American president before Obama even became president. 

Well, it happened. 40 years back, it was predicted that an African-American president would come. Even the name was predicted as President Obemi.

An award-winning 1969 science fiction novel, Stand on Zanzibar set in 2010 predicted not only the president’s identity but also the DVDs, terror threats and legal marijuana. It is highly unlikely someone would coincidentally think of these things.

Final thought

It’s no wonder these interesting predictions that came true are more surprising than the others. I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Source : Bocsnews