7 Celebrities with unusual phobias that would surprise you

Celebrities with unusual phobias

Fear is a usual factor for us but it is downright unusual when fear of something haunts you for life. That we call phobia. As human beings, celebrities are afraid of things and situations too. Sometimes, they are just strange and unusual. This article is just about those celebrities with unusual phobias.

Some unusual myths about phobias

Almost 20% of us experience a specific kind of phobia that can be overcome by treatments

Although a large number of people have either mild or extreme phobias there are some unusual myths that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Some of these myths are so unusual and cruel that they would make you question humanity. Here are some unusual phobia myths that I am sharing here before talking about celebrities with unusual phobias

  • Phobias are like the irrational fear of any particular object or situation. It can be genetic or caused by some traumas. Regardless of these facts, some people go on to explain that people with phobias are crazy and lunatic.
  • Some people think phobia and fear are the same things. While truly phobia is like extreme fear of something or someone. Fear is just a response to a threat in order to survive it. A bit of an unusual analogy I would say.
  • Some groups of people think that people with a phobia cannot overcome their fear and by some group, I meant a large number of people. But there are just so many treatments and exercises that can make this problem shoo away.
  • Some groups of people try to explain that phobia is a part of personality traits and that people cannot overcome it. Well, that’s a pretty interestingly unusual myth I would say because phobia does sound like it’s integrated into your personality. But we all know that’s not true.

Let’s talk about those celebrities with unusual phobias

Celebrities are idolized with perfection but that’s not all the way to the truth. Even though perfection is their tag,  they have their fair share of dealing with life too. So, celebrities with unusual phobias shouldn’t strike as odd.

Enough with this pep talk. Let’s get down to the main conversations.

Kendall Jenner’s unusual phobia: Trypophobia

Kendall Jenner’ is one of the celebrities with unusal phobias
Kendall Jenner’s unusual phobia Trypophobia

Kardashians star and model Kendall Jenner revealed her unusual fear of clusters of small holes or bumps. This phobia is called trypophobia. 

She revealed on her app that anyone who knows her knows that she has a bad trypophobia.

Kendall Jenner said, things like honeycombs and pancakes really set her off. She also said about how much she is afraid of small holes.


Khloe Kardashian’s unusual phobia: Fear of belly button

Khloe Kardashian’s unusual phobia Fear of belly button

It’s so unusual and straight-out ridiculous that some would be afraid of belly buttons. Yes, Khole Kardashian would be scared to death if she sees belly buttons. 

She revealed to PEOPLE, “ I hate belly buttons”. She also revealed that she can’t even touch her belly button because of her unusual phobia.  

Khloe Kardashian later added while showering she wears hand mitts and screams every time she washes her belly button. Aint it pretty embarrassing for celebrities with unusual phobias, right?


Martin Freeman’s Unusual phobia: Petrified of Avocados

Martin Freeman is one of the celebrities with unusal phobias
Martin Freeman’s Unusual phobia Petrified of Avocados

As unusual and strange as it sounds, this famous Sherlock Holmes celebrity, Martin Freeman, will not be happy with avocado serving. 

He revealed in an interview on Graham Norton show that every time he cuts through avocado and sees the stone, he fears that the stone would lodge to his windpipe

Then again in another interview, he revealed that every time he sees an avocado he literally cringes. A bit of a ridiculously unusual phobia I would say.


Nicole Kidman’s Unusual phobia: Terrified of Butterflies

Nicole Kidman’s Unusual phobia Terrified of Butterflies
Nicole Kidman’s Unusual phobia Terrified of Butterflies

Who doesn’t like butterflies? These small creatures with the wonderful flapping of wings set the mood. Unfortunately, that would be a terrifying scene for actress Nicole Kidman. She revealed that she tried to get over this unusual phobia.

Nicole Kidman also added that she visited the big butterfly cage at the American Museum of natural history and had butterflies on her, regardless it wasn’t helpful in overcoming that phobia. 

She also said that even cockroaches do not scare her as much as butterflies do. Ironically unusual right?

Katie Holmes’s unusual phobia:  Scared of Raccoons

Katie Holmes is one of the celebrities with unusal phobias
Katie Holmes’s unusual phobia  Scared of Raccoons

Celebrity Katie Holmes revealed on The Tonight Show her unusual phobia of Raccoons. Yes, these cute creatures terrify her. 

She said that she was sitting outside one day and a raccoon came right up and terrified her but yet she tried to shoo it away but stared at it furiously.

It didn’t run away, rather the raccoon gave her a killer look which terrified Katie Holmes even more.


Keanu Reeves’s unusual phobia: Afraid of the Dark

Keanu Reeves’s unusual phobia Afraid of the Dark
Keanu Reeves’s unusual phobia Afraid of the Dark

Darkness always haunted me, yes. But there are some people who grow unusual phobias out of this fear. 

Well, some people also include the Hollywood celebrity Keanu Reeves too. He revealed in an interview that he is afraid of dark places

He also added that he is scared of darkness for what’s hidden in the darkness. More like even the idea of darkness itself terrifies him.


Tom Cruise’s unusual phobia:  Afraid of Going Bald

Tom cruise one of the celebrities with unusal phobias
Tom Cruise’s unusual phobia Afraid of Going Bald

Our mission-impossible celebrity Tom cruise takes the cut of having an unusual phobia too. Matter of fact, His phobia is straight out weird too among the celebrities with unusual phobias. 

He has revealed his extreme fear of going bald in one interview

Although there is no chance that he is going to be bald even in his late 50s. So, that’s a pretty weird unusual fear for his appearance.

Final thought

Finally, that’s all about celebrities with unusual phobias. I hope you liked it