Salary Of Medical Assistants: All You Need To Know

Salary Of Medical Assistants

The salary of medical assistants is different for various types of medical assistants available. There are CCMA, RMA, CMA etc. You’ll Make a Good Living Even if You Only Have a High School Education. Medical assistants can also have a variety of different titles. While some are licensed to practice as medical assistants and others are qualified to practice as medical assistants, the majority of these professionals are involved in some combination of administrative and clinical work. No matter whatever path you take, it will take fewer than two years to complete the requisite education. Some medical assistant positions can be filled with no secondary education at all if the candidate has worked in the healthcare field for several years.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree isn’t required for many jobs. But medical assistants can make a good living even without one. However, earning an associate’s, certificate, or diploma may open additional job opportunities for MAs. Aside from all of the above-mentioned advantages, medical assistants are also eligible for 401(k), paid holidays, and vacation time, among other things. In the following table, you can also find the average annual salary for several sorts of medical assistants.

Salary Of Different Types Of Medical Assistants

CMA (Certified Medical Assistants)

CMAs (Certified Medical Assistants) get an average yearly salary of $31,840. They may earn anywhere from $10.27 to $20.35 an hour, depending on characteristics such as their location, experience, education, and speciality.

Clinical Medical Assistants

It is not uncommon for the clinical medical assistant to work directly with patients and help physicians with medical procedures over the course of their workday. The typical yearly salary for this sort of MA is $30,940, or $10.16 to $19.59 per hour.

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Administrative Medical Assistant

The primary responsibilities of an administrative medical assistant are in the reception area. Personnel in this position answer the phone and assist patients with scheduling appointments, processing invoices and insurance claims, and maintaining a filing system. As a general rule, they make between $9.73 and $19.66 each year.

RMA (Registered Medical Assistant)

An RMA can expect to make between $9.57 and $19.58 per hour. It depends on where they work, what they specialize in, and how much training and experience they have.

Non-Certified Medical Assistants

To put it another way, a medical assistant who has not yet received any certifications gets less payment than their peers. This is why passing the certification or registration tests is so critical for MAs.

Full-Time Medical Assistants

As a whole, the average yearly salary for medical assistants is around $31,910 per year. The more knowledge and experience you have, the more money you’ll make, compared to others who don’t.

Final Words About the Salary Of Medical Assistants

For 20- to 24-year-olds, the BLS reported in 2016 that the median annual wage is $25,636. In other words, high school graduates with a medical assistant diploma may expect to make $5000 to $6,000 more annually than the national average.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can anyone become a medical assistant without certification?

Yes, anyone can be a medical assistant without certification. But a MA without any certification is a non-certified MA.

Can MA be a full-time job?

Yes. We can select being a medical assistant as a full-time job. It also has a great future as a career.

Is Medical Assistant A Boring Job?

Being A medical assistant is definitely not a boring job. It has different variations in work. More interestingly, You also get to deal with different patients every day.

Is Medical Assistant A Specialized Job?

Medical Assistant can be termed as both a generalized and specialized job. It completely depends on you whether you choose it as a generalized job or a specialized one.

Who are the highest-paid medical assistants?

The Certified Medical Assistants are the highest-paid medical assistants. They get an average salary of around $31,910 per year.