Ronaldo has no clause to support Saudi World Cup bid

Ronaldo has no clause to support Saudi World Cup bid

Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr denies that Cristiano Ronaldo has no clause in his contract to promote the 2030 World Cup bid.

After negotiating a contract with Al Nassr worth more than 200 million euros ($210m) over the course of 2.5 years, Ronaldo made a move there last month.

According to media estimates, Ronaldo, 37, would receive 200 million euros to promote Saudi Arabia’s World Cup campaign.

“Al Nassr FC would want to clarify that contrary to published rumors, Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract with Al Nassr does not contain commitments to any World Cup bids,” the club announced early Wednesday.

“His main focus is Al Nassr and working with his teammates to help the club succeed.”

Ronaldo arrived in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of January, just a few weeks after the World Cup in nearby Qatar. It was just around the time Saudi Arabia was thinking about putting in a joint bid with Egypt and Greece to host football’s biggest tournament.

Last year, countries could start putting in bids to host the 2030 World Cup, and the winner will be chosen at the FIFA Congress in 2024.

The United States, Canada, and Mexico will all host the World Cup in 2026. This is the first time that the tournament will take place in three different countries.

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Saudi Arabia’s Initiative to Break Into the Sports Industry

In the history of the Asian confederation, Ronaldo is the most famous athlete to visit Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, or any Asian country.

The nine-time Saudi league champions, Al Nassr, are hardly a step up for the Portuguese forward. He previously led title-winning teams at Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

Following the Saudi ownership of Newcastle United last year, Ronaldo’s signing coincided with a Saudi drive into golf, boxing, tennis, F1, and football.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia will host the Asian Games, Asian Winter Games, and men’s and women’s Asian Cups.

Though Saudi wants to hold World Cup in their country, Al Nassr claims Ronaldo has no clause relating to it in his contract.