Prince Harry Claims Buckingham Palace Lied About Best Man

Prince Harry Claims Buckingham Palace Lied About Best Man

Despite appearances, the 2018 wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan was not a fairy tale, as the Duke of Sussex explains. Buckingham Palace lied about the best man selection.

In his new memoir, Spare, the royal says he didn’t choose his older brother, Prince William, as his best man. Buckingham Palace released inaccurate information, it seems.  Instead, Harry had his “old mate Charlie” (as he calls him) serve as best man.

Prince Harry alleges William “canceled last minute” on drinks with him and his friends the night before his and Meghan’s wedding. “Can’t do it, Harold, he told me before going to have tea with Granny. Kate and the kids,” Harry writes. “I’d reminded him that this was our tradition, that we’d had dinner before his wedding, that we’d gone together and visited the crowds.  He held fast. Can’t do it.”
The duke says he pushed back against his brother, urging him, “Why are you like this, Willy? Prior to you and Kate’s wedding, I spent the entire night with you. Why are you doing this?”

He says, “I questioned myself what was really going on. Was he feeling awful about not being my best man? Did he feel insulted that I contacted an old friend, Charlie? (Just as they did with me when he and Kate got married, the Palace announced that Willy served as the best man.) Is that a possible explanation?”

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Formerly, Harry claimed that William did not select him to be best man at his own 2011 wedding to Catherine, Princess of Wales. It was a “bare-faced falsehood,” Harry admits in his autobiography, that he served as the best man during their wedding at Westminster Abbey.

Prince Harry described in great detail the June 2018 meeting with William and Kate to heal the Sussex-Wales rift.

Instead of making up, both couples would vent their frustrations to each other. Despite those conflicts, Buckingham Palace lied.