10 Amazing Wildlife Photography Hacks: Special Secrets Revealed

Wildlife Photography Hacks

Learn about 10 amazing Wildlife Photography hacks that will definitely make you a better photographer.

Secrets of Amazing Wildlife Photography Hacks

What is wildlife photography?

Wildlife photography is a famous genre of photography, done by novices, wildlife enthusiasts, and experts. Actually talking, it includes shooting any kind of creature (from birds to bugs to butterflies to wild animals). In most cases, wildlife photographers take pictures of mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects.

Turn hyper shot mode on

Usually, there are a lot of moving elements in wildlife photography. Turning on the hyper shot mode is a great hack. It will help you capture the perfect moment. Professional photographers use this technique quite often.

Keep your gears ready

Proper gear is a must in wildlife photography. You must have the proper lens and camera gear. Zoom is preferred in such cases. You can also use tripods to keep your camera steady at all times.

Plan the composition beforehand

You must have a rough idea about the composition of your image. You should keep various factors in mind such as the golden ratio, rule of thirds, depth of field etc.

Dress Properly for Wildlife Photography

Set yourself up for the components alongside your camera and other gears. Be prepared for the climate, be it warm summer, tropical climate, or cold journeys in the north of the Arctic Circle. Wear such clothes with the help of which you can easily blend in with the environment.

Dress properly for wildlife photography
Dress properly for wildlife photography

Wildlife photographers will quite often adhere to one region for some time, so whenever you’ve found your spot, you can settle in. Bring pads and covers, or different things to sit on. Remember great climbing boots, caps, and gloves as well.

Shoot in autofocus mode

It’s really difficult to keep adjusting your camera focus while doing wildlife photography as there are a lot of moving objects. So it is a great hack to utilize the autofocus mode of your camera.

Use a faster shutter speed

Even when your subject is totally still, no one can really tell when they’ll choose to move, and that could be the enchanted second you’ve been hanging tight for. Be prepared to use a shutter speed of a minimum of 1/500th of a second.

A great wildlife photography hack is to use multiple cameras to catch that exceptional second, so don’t miss it by changing multiple lenses.

Use multiple Camera bodies

use multiple camera bodies
Use Multiple Camera bodies

Another great wildlife photography hack is to use multiple cameras. The main thing is to catch that exceptional second, so don’t miss it by changing multiple lenses. It’s smarter to pick two lenses to work with and have each mounted on its own camera body. Then, at that point, when you want to switch, you essentially put down one camera, get the other, and you’ll be prepared to shoot in under one moment.

Change composition style

Change composition style
Change composition style

Typically when we take a photo of a wildlife animal, we believe the creature should fill however much of the frame as possible. However, when you have that chance, don’t continue to make a similar shot again and again. Attempt a few unique composition techniques, like getting near the creature.

Keep low profile

Creatures get terrified very easily. In this way, unexpected movements and developments can wind up chasing them away. To abstain from frightening them away while taking their photographs, you really want to remain extremely quiet. Gradually approach them when you know they’re not taking a glance at you, and when you arrive at a protected distance, tenderly get your camera and press the shutter.


We learned about amazing Wildlife Photography hacks in this article. You can get some brilliant results by using these hacks. Don’t be afraid to get into the field. Hopefully, you will be able to take some great photos.