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Welcome to our 2022 Best in Travel list

Asian traveler visiting Florence, Italy

Forlorn Planet’s Best in Travel 2022 rundown included Florence, Italy, as perhaps the best city to visit © Studio Marmellata/Stocksy United

As the finish of 2021 methodologies, we’re so eager to present to you our total Best in Travel 2022. Rundown – an entirely different arrangement of objections for another time of movement.

These objections range the globe and permit you, the explorer. To encounter a wide area of stunning encounters, from traveling through fjords in Iceland. Watching a style show from a best in class planner in Nigeria. Painstakingly chose by our editors, our rundown is intended to motivate and invigorate you. Assist you with making your 2022 travel dreams a reality.

Obviously, we’re living in a complicated travel scene.

As the worldwide pandemic keeps on affecting a steadily moving interwoven of spots. All throughout the planet, we’re endeavoring to adjust travel and wellbeing. A feeling of alert close by our interminable feeling of craving for new experiences. All things considered, our 2022 rundown, which is incorporated beneath completely. Is as much a list of must-dos for the future as it is a to-visit list for this moment.

Before very long, as the world proceeds with its re-visitation of movement. We’ll reveal an entirely different series of stories, video meetings. How-to guides for transforming our Best in Travel list into your movement reality. Regardless of whether in 2022 or further later on.

Watch this space for energizing improvements from our Best in Travel series, and from all of Lonely Planet.

Meanwhile, here’s the full rundown:

Top Countries

1. Cook Islands

2. Norway

3. Mauritius

4. Belize

5. Slovenia

6. Anguilla

7. Oman

8. Nepal

9. Malawi

10. Egypt

Top Regions

1. Westfjords, Iceland

2. West Virginia, USA

3. Xishuangbanna, China

4. Kent’s Heritage Coast, UK

5. Puerto Rico

6. Shikoku, Japan

7. Atacama Desert, Chile

8. The Scenic Rim, Australia

9. Vancouver Island, Canada

10. Burgundy, France

Top Cities

1. Auckland, New Zealand

2. Taipei, Taiwan

3. Freiburg, Germany

4. Atlanta, USA

5. Lagos, Nigeria

6. Nicosia/Lefkosia, Cyprus

7. Dublin, Ireland

8. Mérida, Mexico

9. Florence, Italy

10. Gyeongju, South Korea