Paulina Gretzky share her Bachelorette Party Inside Look

Paulina Gretzky has engaged with golf player Dustin Johns since

In an Instagram snap, Paulina Gretzky shared her Bachelorette Party Inside Look and her awesome outfit picture Tuesday. She has engaged with golf player Dustin Johnson since 2013

Paulina Gretzky is preparing to say ‘I do’!

The 33-year-old model, who has been locked into expert golf player Dustin Johnson, 37, since August 2013, praised her single woman party in style during a new outing to St. Barts.

The lady to-be remains on the steps of the plane in an all-white outfit including a Caviilou cattle rustler felt fedora with scaled-down light fixtures around the edge and gems on the base. She combined the fitting proclamation piece with a white, scaled-down tube dress and white tennis shoes.

Gretzky’s companions supplement her look by shaking similar caps in pink and wearing various shades of blushing tone.

“Ps Last D,” Paulina Gretzky subtitled the great photograph with a heart Emoji.

“Hold up,” Vera Wang, who’s planning Paulina Gretzky’s wedding dress, wrote in the remarks area.

The white and pink energies seemed to go on all through the outing.

Gretzky’s companion Kristina Melnichenko shared a merry-go-round of photographs from the escape, starting with a photograph of Gretzky wearing a one-shoulder dress with a sheer coverup. She clutched a brilliant little sack handbag and balanced the troupe with matching pointed, lower leg lashes heels. In a photograph at a celebratory feast, Gretzky wore a white group with planned sleeves and uncovering patterns down the center.

Companion Jeremy Cohen’s “photograph dump” likewise showed noteworthy minutes from the festival.

Last year, Gretzky shared her wedding dress shopping experience with Wang. Archiving her involvement with the fashioner’s New York City marriage store. Where she took a stab at an assortment of dress styles.

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