Para Badminton Can Changed How YouThink about Your Body.

Para Badminton Can Changed How YouThink about Your Body.

Rachel Choong is Para Badminton player who impacted the world forever when she turned into the principal English contender to win three titles at a World Championship in 2015. Her rundown of honors is profound: She is a 10x World Champion and a 9x European Champion. She contends in the short height sports class.

Here, the 27-year-old competitor, who lives in Liverpool, enlightens WH regarding the excursion she has been on, with her body. Follow her @rach_choong.

At the point when I was a child, when I took a gander at my body in the mirror, I would ponder how I was essentially more modest than my companions. That turned out to be more clear when we went through pubescence. While I have an uncommon type of dwarfism, I followed the development example of my companions, getting taller simultaneously, yet at a less than ideal rate. I attempted to envision how things would be unique in case I was taller, how I may look.

In my initial long stretches of playing badminton – I began at 6, participate with my sister’s illustrations – this proceeded. I had a lot of freedoms to take a gander at thin, athletic bodies surrounding me at clubs and in illustrations, and to realize that this was what was generally anticipated of me.


However, when I was 13, in 2007, I began playing para badminton. I was in the lesser region badminton crew and, at preparing one end of the week, a mentor said he had found out about this Four Nations para badminton competition, which had recently presented short height occasions.

Compassionate, he put me through the channels to get characterized. Presently, now, the game was very lowkey: I needed to print off the structures and send a check in the post to enter, there were no extravagant sites or anything like that.

‘I understood I could be a top player’

However, the ramifications, as far as I might be concerned, were significant. I was acknowledged to contend and, on the primary day I strolled into the lobby to play a match, my eyes were opened. I saw such countless individuals who were not allowing a handicap to prevent them from playing sport. It really took my breath away. I generally realized I was unable to be a top badminton player contending with non-debilitated individuals who were a foot taller than me, yet, at that competition, I understood I could be a top player in this world.

I got back home with two golds and a silver, thinking: ‘assuming this is all that the UK can offer, how well could I do in Europe, or around the world?’ After that, I entered my first worldwide, the European Para Badminton Championships 2008 – and I got two golds. My vocation gathered momentum from that point. The actual game got, with seriously financing, more competitions, more contenders. Today, I am figuring out how to remain around the top so it’s working out positively, Covid to the side.


As of now, I understood my body could be my vocation, thus I began to contemplate it in an unexpected way – as a device I expected to assist me with performing, something that I needed to fuel, appropriately, with the right food and preparing. Being in the athletic world, I additionally perceived how various individuals need diverse body shapes to dominate at various games. A world class sumo wrester needs to appear to be unique from a tip top gymnastic specialist, for instance.

‘I accept that “solid” can appear to be unique on various individuals’

I additionally perceived how stunning ladies can look with undulating muscles, as opposed to that work of art “thin” find I developed seeing. Simultaneously, I accept that “sound” can appear to be unique on various individuals: certain individuals are cheerful thin, some aren’t. It doesn’t imply that one is ‘correct’ and one isn’t right.’

Another way that being a competitor has affected how I contemplate my looks is very pragmatic: at school I didn’t wear make-up in light of the fact that I realized I’d play badminton by the day’s end and didn’t need the faff of taking it off. As a grown-up, I kept it up. Pre-pandemic, I used to prepare 6-8 hours per week on court and 2 hours off the court – things like going to the rec center or pilates – and I don’t care for the prospect of establishment sliding around my face when I sweat. I believe that is assisted me with being more agreeable and content with what I look like. I was more mindful I didn’t need to go with the same pattern and resemble every other person.