Kanye West’s Cases About Second Sex Tape: Kim Kardashian Denies

Kanye West's cases about second sex tape!

Kanye West’s cases about second sex tape Kim Kardashian denies

Update: Kanye West’s cases about second sex tape Kim Kardashian denies. Kanye West as of late gave another meeting to Hollywood Unlocked where the rapper asserted that he had gotten a PC with unreleased film of Kim Kardashian with her ex Ray J and kept up with that there was a subsequent sex tape. In spite of the fact that Kardashian has now made an announcement denying. Kanye’s cases and expressed there could be no other tape in presence.

Kim said on Kanye West’s cases about second sex tape:

In an assertion delivered by her reps to People. “After survey, there didn’t be anything sexual concealed, just film on the plane. While heading to Mexico and film at a club and cafĂ© on a similar outing. Kim stays firm in her conviction that there is no new second tape that exists. Following 20 years, she genuinely wishes to continue on from this part with center rather around the positive things. She keeps on doing as a mother, business person and backer for equity change.”

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Already, Kim has tended to her sex tape outrage previously and kept up. With how West was steady towards her notwithstanding that. She had additionally spoken with regards to how she will clarify her four kids about the equivalent once they grow up and had let Andy Cohen know that she will be totally fair and genuine with them.

Concerning West, the rapper talked with regards to a few things in his new meeting incorporating Kim’s new sentiment with Pete Davidson. The rapper additionally tended to Kim’s kiss with Davidson on Saturday Night Live and called her out for “kissing the fella she’s dating before him.” meanwhile, West has likewise been hitting the features for his new sentiment with entertainer Julia Fox.

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