Incredible Road Trips: Maine’s Coastal Route 1

Incredible Road Trips: Maine's Coastal Route 1


In continuation of our excursion series, we’re going the nation over from California’s Pacific Coast Highway to Maine’s Coastal Route 1. The street twists along the Atlantic Ocean and interfaces many beautiful towns that typify New England enchant. Settled among rich woodlands and untainted sea shores, the course has been named the Lobster Trail because of the district’s hundreds of years’- old industry, which guarantees inconceivable fish and chronicled milestones at each refueling break coming.

Bar Harbor

In case you’re working your direction from north to south, your first stop along Maine’s Coastal Route 1 will be in Bar Harbor, which clamors with yachts taking off to the ocean and lobster boats acquiring the day’s new catch. Take a stab at getting a journey or in any event, leasing a kayak to investigate the encompassing gem waters. This region is additionally viewed as the doorway to Acadia National Park, which is brimming with timberland trails for climbing the rough seaside territory and comfortable areas for an oceanview excursion. Following an entire day of open air undertakings, loosen up for the night in the Acadia Inn, similarly exemplary and agreeable.


Your next stop along the Lobster Trail is Camden, which local people have come to call the Jewel of the Maine Coast. The moniker will not shock anyone once you look at the emerald lower regions of Mount Middie and the sapphire waters as they lap along Camden Harbor. The memorable midtown region is loaded with classical shops, classy stores, and connoisseur caf├ęs, where you can have a lobster supper on the waterfront or snatch supper to-go for an excursion at Barret’s Cove. To partake in the town’s frontier engage as the night progressed, register to the Hartstone Inn and Hideaway simply a short walk around Main Street and Camden Harbor Park.


The halfway place of your excursion carries you to Portland, the most crowded city in the territory of Maine. Right up ’til today, the city’s marine industry stays imperative to the neighborhood economy. Get a direct look into Maine’s set of experiences and nautical culture with a lobstering visit, where you’ll hit the vast ocean, figure out how to pull traps, and reel in a new catch for supper. The coast along Casco Bay is fixed with memorable beacons, a significant number of which are as yet being used to protect mariners, while downtown you’ll see one of New England’s most flourishing art distillery scenes. Close to the Arts District, The Francis is the ideal mix of Victorian appeal and smooth present day plan.