Healthy ways to gain weight: Beginner’s tips and routines

Healthy ways to gain weight

People don’t understand, that underweight needs healthy ways to gain weight instead of constantly snacking on junk foods. You may gain weight in many ways and fall sick forever. That being said, you shouldn’t underestimate the healthy ways of gaining extra pounds.

Signs that you need healthy ways to gain weight?

You may not know that you are underweight as it isn’t just about being very skinny and eating less food. There are some signs which can give a hint about your underweight

Getting sick frequently

It’s some no-brainer assumption. If you don’t take enough nutrients for your body, your immune system will simply suffer to keep up with its appearance, resulting in an array of illnesses like flu, and cold.

Irregular periods

Women who are underweight would experience menstruation stops which is a major cause of infertility.

Slow growth

Simply put, your growth is resultant of your nutrient and calorie intake. Lack of nutrients slows their healthy bone growth and lack of calories can stop the overall development of the human body.


An underweight person tends to have low blood counts which are known as anaemia. It causes dizziness, fatigue and frequent headaches.


Being underweight increases the chances of osteoporosis in women which causes bones to get brittle and prone to damage.

Skin and hair problems

If a person is underweight, he/she will have visible symptoms like thinning hair, hair loss, acne and poor dental health.

Healthy ways to put on extra pounds

Finally, we are down to this discussion. Here I am sharing some healthy ways to gain weight. I hope they find you well in your journey.

Try smoothies and shakes

Its true beverages, coffee and sweet drinks will buy you extra pounds but not in a healthy manner. Some folks constantly drink beverages and get high sugar levels. Thus, goes a victim of type 2 diabetes.

Whereas smoothies or shakes filled up with milk, fresh fruits are rich in nutrients and calories which can increase your body mass on very short notice without disarming your immune system.

Also, it’s super easy to make them at home. So why not?


  • Avoid beverages, sweet drinks and coffee as they are rich in added sugar
  • Sweetened drinks cause type 2 diabetes
  • Drink smoothies and shakes instead as they contain good nutrients and calories

Get some night-time snack

Reap some advantages off of nighttime snacks before going to bed. That doesn’t mean, you would go snack on random unhealthy junk foods.

In fact, having some night-time snacks can give you a couple of added benefits if you are looking for extra pounds

  • Eating before sleep can accelerate your metabolism causing weight gain
  • Eating before sleep gives you sound sleep which is a must for weight-gain
  • Eating healthy snacks before sleeping powers you up for the morning

Healthy snacks that you can snack on at night

  • Banana and almond/peanut butter
  • Protein smoothie
  • Hot cereal
  • Toast and cheese
  • Any fruits
  • Scrambled eggs


  • Night snacks can increase your metabolism and get you weight gain
  • It’s important to pick healthy and nutrients added foods for night-time snacks
  • Night-time snacks are also a good option for morning energy

Step on treadmill

The last thing you want is a bloated belly with sluggish moods. So, yeah, it’s a must that you don’t get overweight instead of just gaining weight. Therefore, you must do at least 20 minutes’ worth of exercise.

The healthy foods you eat which are rich in calories, nutrients and some fat, need to be burned or at least converted to your advantage. Otherwise, they are just useless at the end of the day.

Researchers say subjects who consume only food for weight-gaining have a weaker metabolism of 14% than those who do it with exercise. You don’t need to go bonkers with exercise sessions. Every day at most 30 minutes can do the charm. Here are some exercises to do at home for starters.

  • Push-ups
  • Jogging
  • Squats
  • Jumping
  • Bench press


  • Exercise is a must-call for avoiding an overweight or bloated belly
  • Exercises can keep your metabolism good and burn your extra fat
  • 30 minutes of free hand exercise can keep you up for gaining weight

Don’t drink when…

Drinking water before or during meals can blunt your appetite. So, you may be eating less than your stomach needs. Thus, it results in weight loss. It is suggested to drink water after 30 minutes of having a meal.

Likewise, drinking water during meals is also a “no”. Researchers say drinking water during meals can increase insulin levels. Thus, resulting in a hike in blood sugar level. Additionally, drinking between meals can also develop acidity problems.

However, it is okay to drink protein shakes or smoothies between meals. It’s also a good way to take a break from meals or eat all at once.


  • Don’t drink water before or during the meal
  • Drinking water during meals can cause health complications
  • It is okay to drink smoothies during meal

Eat then repeat

I have included this point in the last part because gaining extra pounds is not about just eating and eating. You need to focus on other factors too. However, you may feel full on your stomach if you are underweight. Set a goal. Get an extra meal or calories or an extra glass of shake every day.

If you are feeling full snack on chips, butter, and fruits constantly. Also, add eggs and milk to your menu every day. Do not snack on unhealthy junk foods I repeat.

Do not skip meals even if you are feeling full. Do some exercise and then come back with an empty stomach. Make a customized menu for every day and try to eat everything that’s on the menu, however, you can. Track your progress and evaluate your weight.


  • Eat healthy snacks even if you feel full
  • Make an adjusted menu for every day and try to maintain it
  • If you feel full just do some exercise and then eat again

Wrap up

To wrap up, that’s all about healthy ways to gain weight from me. You may not need to follow all at once. Try one at a time, and you are good to go.