BTS’ Jimin Tests Positive For COVID 19

BTS' Jimin Tests Positive For COVID 19

BTS’ Jimin Tests Positive For COVID 19

BTS’ Jimin Has Surgery For Appendicitis, BTS’ Jimin Tests Positive For COVID 19 in Hospital.
The artist, whose complete name is Park Ji-min, concede to an emergency clinic on Sunday. Subsequent to grumbling of stomach torment.

BTS’ Jimin is the most recent individual from the K-pop supergroup to test positive for COVID-19. The 26-year-old artist (conceived Park Ji-min), was hospitalize on Sunday. Subsequent to experiencing stomach torment. And a gentle sore throat, as per an assertion from the board office Big Hit Music.

Reuters announced that Jimin went through a medical procedure

For intense a ruptured appendix on Monday (Jan. 31), so, all things considered it was additionally uncover that he tri positive for Covid. “The medical procedure was effective and Jimin is presently recovering after his technique,” Big Hit Music said in the assertion, taking note of that he was making a “quick recuperation” from his COVID-19 disease.

At press time no additional data was accessible on Jimin’s hospitalization and a representative for the gathering had not returned a solicitation for input. Jimin is accept to be the fourth individual from BTS to contract COVID, following closely following reports that RM, Jin and Suga tried positive in December.

Recently, Big Hit gave two explanations by means of Weverse reporting

That the BTS vocalists were at this point not in isolation, and expressed gratitude toward the gathering’s dedicated ARMY for the overflowing of help while they were wiped out. “We might want to illuminate you that BTS individuals RM and Jin have made full recuperations from COVID-19 and his quarantine has finished up starting today around early afternoon, Jan. 4,” the Jan. 4 articulation read. “RM and Jin who had been getting treatment from home for the beyond 10 days from Saturday, Dec. 25, are presently ready to get back to their every day exercises. Neither one of the individuals showed a specific side effects during their quarantine. Jin had a slight fever when he initially started treatment at home yet has since made a full recuperation.”

Jimin is the most recent in a long queue of performers who’ve drilled down into their COVID-19 status as of late, including Liam Payne, Elton John, Roberta Flack, Jason Isbell and John Mayer, among numerous others.