8 conspiracy theories about Hitler’s death after WW2

conspiracy theories on Hitler’s death

Why are there conspiracy theories about Hitler’s death when his death was announced by the German government in 1945?  Probably that’s why. People couldn’t take Nazis as the bearer of that news without no physical evidence of the body. Here are some conspiracy theories which started to rule over the public’s eyes.

Conspiracy theories about Hitler’s death

Hitler was known to experiment with so many stunts on war, research and strategies unfamiliar to available ones. It is said that he was a couple of steps ahead of any intelligence that existed at that time. His testifying against death and surrender also wraps his death a dubious explanation. 

Here are some 8 theories on Hitler’s death after WW2 which have been popular since Hitler’s disappearance.

Hitler escaped through an underground path

Hitler was hiding in a bunker in Berlin during the last Allied bombing. He was strictly against his surrender and death. Also, he had no alternative route for escaping except underground.

Theorists believe he must have taken an underground route that led to an airstrip. He rode off an unmarked plane to the south pole. The theory lengths itself to say, Hitler then entered hollow earth as he and his advisor both believed the earth to be hollow.

Hitler on Parkinson’s disease

Many reports suggest to indicate Hitler’s Parkinson’s disease but it is highly unusual that Parkinson’s could kill somebody as it affects only speech and motor skills.

Despite the odds of Hitler’s death from this disease some groups of people still live to believe in this theory. Guess, some people just don’t feel like giving up their hope for superstitions.

Hitler’s on the moon?

It is ironic that some people go to lengths to think that, Hitler escaped to the moon. Probably because Hitler was ahead of his time in terms of intelligence. They say, when things went wrong he immediately took off for the moon where he built a bunker.

This theory also backs the abandoning of the manned mission NASA in 1970. It is said the astronauts were actually searching for him but never found him so President Richard M. Nixon ended their mission. Some crazy theory huh?

Hitler’s friendship with aliens

This theory goes plausible to many individuals even if it sounds horrendously ridiculous. According to the theory, aliens came to Hitler with a deal. Which was the controlling power of humanity. In exchange, he was offered advanced technology.

After being defeated by the Allied, Some groups of people believe Hitler went to reside with aliens to escape from his surrender and death.

Hitler’s Clone?

It’s not unfamiliar that Hitler was obsessively attached to sciences, technology and experiments. In fact, Nazis’ experiments had some mysterious and powerful outcomes as well. Bearing these facts, some theories propose that Hitler cloned himself.

Yes, his special interest in biotechnology and medical experiments led to this theory’s credibility. It is believed that along with Dr Joseph Mengele Hitler was able to pull off something impossible like this. Surprisingly, there was no evidence that Hitler knew Mengele.

Hitler escaped to Argentina?

A theory suggests that Hitler escaped to Argentina after the allied bombings. According to the theory, Hitler escaped from Norway to southern Argentina with his wife on  U-boat U530. The theory suggests it took 3 months to reach Argentina and they have been living happily ever after.

This theory is also linked to Hitler and his wife’s body doubles. Some groups of people say that before Hitler escaped he picked a body double for him and his wife and had them executed after they escaped to assure some credibility on Hitler’s death. This theory also suggests Hitler was desperately trying to escape the surrender.

Hitler’s suicide

It’s probably the most granted theory of his disappearance since the German government itself announced his death. It is said, Hitler couldn’t take the failure of his efforts, so he bit a cyanide capsule or maybe shot himself in the head.

Later his death the Nazis are said to burn that body in the garden and bury it in the bomb crater. However, Hitler was very depressed prior to his death. He even asked his doctor what could be a painless death. To which the doctor answered, shooting in the head.

Hitler escaped to Antarctica or San Diego

Hitler’s escape to Antarctica is more credible because it is announced by the German Submarine that there is an impregnable fortress lying on the south pole. 

Probably, that was a secret Nazi base that Hitler constructed in case of emergency.

However, if this theory goes correct then Hitler is better off after 1950 when Britain destroyed that fortress.

Additional theory tells about his escape to San Diego where he went to live on the secret interconnected buildings whose shapes look like Nazi Swastika.

Final Thought for conspiracy theories about Hitler’s death

It’s totally unclear whether Hitler was even alive or dead after 1945. It can’t be proved ever I guess. Connecting to this crisis, the fascinating conspiracy theories about Hitler’s death might rest some closure to some groups of people.

Source: Bocsnews